1. The Top Questions To Ask About Your New Storage Unit- Part 2

    Finding the proper storage unit for your items can be a bit of a challenge. Which is why we recommend starting to look rather early so that you can track down a storage unit that actually satisfies your requirements rather than merely “doing the job.” These are your possessions, not just things …Read More

  2. The Top Questions To Ask About Your New Storage Unit

    Once you’ve determined that you have to store some of your possessions for the big move coming down the road, there should be a host of questions that enter your brain. Where you will store your things should be your main concern. Will it be at your mom’s house for the next year and a half befor…Read More

  3. Why Invest in a Self-Storage Unit

    As you probably are aware of, life can take some crazy turns. There are a million different things that could take place and you’ll need to be flexible enough to adapt to those things. For example, imagine your significant other gets a job offer in another state. You’ll need to pack everything u…Read More

  4. 3 Reasons to Choose Our Self-Storage Option

    Welcome to our blog page here at Kiowa Falcon Storage! Both of our Colorado self-storage locations are safe, secure, and well-equipped with everything that you need to make your storage experience a positive one. Whether you’re just storing a few items, you’re needing a place for your whole home…Read More