Having a boat or RV can be incredibly exciting. You’re able to pack-up and take your family on an adventurous road trip, enjoy a fun day at the lake, or maybe both. We know that you wouldn’t ever want to risk storing your boat or RV in an area where their safety is compromised. In short, finding a great place to store your vacation vehicles can be a challenging endeavor, especially when you’re hoping to save most of your RV or boat related funds for your actual excursions, rather than storing your equipment properly.

When you choose Kiowa Falcon Storage to keep your RV or boat safe, you’re choosing a storage company that puts their customers and their belongings first. We have space and availability to store boats and RVs at both of our Colorado locations, Kiowa and Falcon, and we allow our customers access to their belongings whenever they want it.

With locations that are completely safe and secure, and online reservations that are coming soon, what’s not to love about Kiowa Falcon Storage?

For all of your boat and RV storage needs, reach out to us here and let us know that you’re interested in vacation vehicle storage units.

Our rate for boat and RV storage is a flat rate of $35 per month.

How to Prepare Your Boat for Storage

1. Change The Oil

Just like any vehicle that uses gas and oil, your boat will eventually need an oil change. Over time, water and acids can get into your oil and start to corrode the engine. Change the filter and flush it so that nothing remains in the reservoir. At that point, add the fresh oil.

2. Refresh The Coolant System

Along the same lines as your oil, draining and flushing the coolant system is a smart thing to do. Fill the reservoir with antifreeze so that nothing freezes over during the colder season.

3. Spray with Fogging Oil

Spraying fogging oil into the carburetor or through the spark plug holes will help keep your engine’s moving parts protected during the winter months.

4. Remove or Loosen Belts

During the winter, belts will often crack due to the cold if they’re not loosened sufficiently.

5. Disconnect the Battery

Depending on the age of your battery, you definitely don’t want to drain all of the juice during the colder months. Disconnecting it will prevent this.

6. Fill Your Gas Tank

Contrary to what you might be thinking, storing your boat with an empty tank isn’t the best idea. Fill your tank with gas and a gasoline stabilizer so that the months of idleness won’t change the way your gas works.

7. Prep the Interior

Remove any electronics, organic materials, leather, canvas, or any kind of fabric so that they won’t mold, mildew, or or become worn during the winter months.

8. Wash and Wax

Clean your boat thoroughly inside and out and then coat the outside with a layer of wax. This will help prevent corrosion on the body.

9. Use a Boat Cover

A cover on your boat will help to protect it from dirt, dust, and moisture. A cover will help keep your boat ready to be taken back out and used when the summer months finally hit.

10. Bring Your Boat to Kiowa Falcon

When your boat is prepped and ready to be stored, there is no better place to bring it than one of our Kiowa Falcon locations. We’ve got excellent boat storage options in Kiowa and Falcon. Contact us today to reserve your boat storage space!

For more great tips on winterizing your boat, check this link out!

How to Prepare Your RV For Storage

1. Empty the Cupboards and Cabinets

Remove all food and liquids from the RV cabinets including anything that will go bad or be affected by pressure changes during the winter months. Feel free to leave any non perishables if you don’t need them during the months of storage.

2. Vacuum

The last thing that you want to have to worry about during your RV storage months is critters and vermin being attracted to the crumbs and food particles left in your carpet. Make sure that you vacuum thoroughly before storing.

3. Scrub the Fridge

When they’re not in use, fridges can get especially nasty when they’re not cleaned thoroughly. Make sure that before you store your RV, you scrub and sanitize your fridge so that you don’t allow any moisture or food residue to run amok.

4. Winterize the Plumbing System

In the same way that you would winterize a home that isn’t being inhabited during the winter season, your RV also requires winterization, especially for the plumbing system. Since you want to make sure that this step is done absolutely right, follow the instructions from the manufacturer or dealer. Winterizing your RV is an absolute must.

5. Bring Your RV to Kiowa Falcon Storage

Both of our Kiowa Falcon storage locations have amazing options to safely store your RV. We also allow you access to your RV whenever you want it. That way, if you’re planning a winter ski trip with the family, you’ll be able to get to your RV easily and without needing to make an appointment.

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Reasons to Choose Kiowa Falcon Storage for Your Boat or RV

We understand how important your recreational vehicles are to you, and rightly so. You’ve not only spent a pretty penny to get your boat or RV, you’ve likely made countless memories in them. Here at Kiowa Falcon Storage, your investments are equally as important to us. We are passionate about being able to provide a safe and secure place for your property, and we’ve got a trail of happy customers to prove that we’re good at what we do. Let’s discuss some of the biggest reasons to store your boat and RV with us.

Our Facility is 100% Secure

One of the biggest questions that we get is whether or not we can keep people’s valuables safe. This is always an easy question to answer because both our Kiowa storage facility and our Falcon Storage Units are completely safe and secure.

You’ll Always Have Access to Your Property

Many storage facilities micromanage your storage solutions and force you to jump through hoops in order to have access to your own belongings. At Kiowa Falcon, we believe that you can handle having 24/7 access to your property and we allow that for all of our customers.

You’ll Enjoy Peace of Mind

There is something to be said about knowing that you’ve chosen the right people to trust with your belongings. That’s what we offers each and every one of our clients. We believe that your property should be protected and cared for. In fact, we care as much about your valuables as we would our own.

Choose one of our storage facilities in Kiowa or Falcon for all of your boat and RV storage needs. Contact us and let us know in the comments that you’re interested in RV/boat storage.