Finding the proper storage unit for your items can be a bit of a challenge. Which is why we recommend starting to look rather early so that you can track down a storage unit that actually satisfies your requirements rather than merely “doing the job.” These are your possessions, not just things you’re willing to throw away, obviously. These things that you’re leaving behind and locking up have value. It’s worth it to seek out the proper solution for your individual items rather than just plastering a proverbial band-aid over the issue because you didn’t leave enough time in your moving schedule. Together, we’ll explore how to determine what makes a good storage facility and what you should walk away from.

Limited Access?

In our previous blog, we talked about the absolute and unquestionable aspect of a storage unit: safety. If you’re looking for a set of the best storage units in Falcon, you’ll need both security and access to your property at all times. That means they should probably pull out the stops for their customers on that little bit. That means you’ll need access to the full works like we were chatting about in our previous articles, like security cameras and a detailed list of the security measures they’ll equip you with as well as safe access to your own property whenever you need it.

Number of Vacancies

It’s not like a motel on a secluded highway where the vacancy is merely an unfortunate factor of its location. No no, the vacancy rate on a storage unit facility is usually indicative of bad service, unless they’re just getting a location up and going, or it’s a low season. Either way, a peek at their rates and their vacancies, asked a couple of times, as in, when you first start shopping for a place to put your stuff and when you’re finally ready to put your stuff somewhere is probably the key to figuring out how fast they flip over. They’ll also let you know then if you can rent on a month-to-month basis. This will allow you to evaluate how much notice you’ll need to give them when you’re vacating the unit. As with renting anything, you’ll need to know the flexibility of the agreement.

When Touring the Storage Unit Facility In-Person

You should look for a couple of obvious red flags that will indicate how your stuff will be treated and how well the storage units themselves are treated. Make observations about the look of the grounds and inside the facility? Does it look well taken care of? Pay attention to any overgrown vegetation on the sides of the building or big bushes that could be cumbersome to get around if you’re going to try and access your things at night. Besides that, it could also be something that thieves use to conceal themselves. Check and look if everything is well lit, the insides and outsides of the storage facility. Inspect the security fence and look if it’s well intact. That doesn’t mean going and testing the thickness of the chainlink, but just ensuring that the fence itself is still standing. Lastly, observe if the staff are professional and courteous and if you feel comfortable leaving things in their care.

The Best Storage Facility in Falcon

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