Once you’ve determined that you have to store some of your possessions for the big move coming down the road, there should be a host of questions that enter your brain. Where you will store your things should be your main concern. Will it be at your mom’s house for the next year and a half before she carts it off to Goodwill without telling you? Will you “store” it at your friend’s house, piece-by-piece, but really, you’re just giving it all away? Or do you not want to have to purchase a whole new living room and sitting room set for the house you’ll eventually move into? If you’re looking to actually store your items in their proper place, you’ll have to look to a storage unit company to satisfy that need.

There are a few, short, logical steps you should take before just picking out the first storage unit option you find. We recommend looking around about a week prior and calling a variety of storage units to explore rates and amenities before settling on a decision. Then, during the moving process, it’s best to separate the stuff going into the storage unit into one room first. Making the moving process easier on you is only one of the many boons that a storage unit can offer to you, but that can only go so far. We can only help you make things more convenient if you help us do it. So, browse your storage unit and let the storage attendant know your moving schedule so we can make the whole process much less of an ordeal.

It All Depends On You

At least, in a sense. Everyone needs a different kind of storage unit for different things. For example, we offer storage units for RV campers and boats, which are obviously different from the type of storage you need to put that extra couch in. Additionally, much depends on how long you intend to store the item as well. When you’re on the tour, keep all these factors in mind and how they’ll affect what you really need.

The Reality of Storing Items

If you’re looking to put up your heirloom cabinet that’s old English oak and was carved in Italy, chances are, you’re going to want a pretty decent security on it. This is even more true if you’re temporarily moving to a smaller location and you’re going to be storing the large majority of your items in this storage unit. You’ll need your stuff to be safe, so the security better is a top priority for this storage unit company. Luckily, Kiowa provides Falcon with top-notch security for our storage units. That means the grounds are patrolled often and there’s a whole host of security cameras trained on the various units and rows so there’s never an undocumented hour.

Readily Available Fire Prevention?

That means sprinkler systems and smoke alarms in every individual building. These are standard amenities and it’s a pretty bad sign if a storage unit plot doesn’t provide these already. In fact, if they don’t provide these, it’s a decent enough sign that they really don’t care about keeping your stuff safe; they only care about getting your cash. We don’t think we have to spell it out, but just in case, it’s probably best not to go with that storage unit company. The sprinkler system additionally is probably one of the most important portions for most of your things.  However, that does not prevent smoke damage. Fires, fortunately, are really unusual at storage unit facilities.

Proper Storage Units in Falcon

Don’t go with a flunky storage unit company — go with the best through Kiowa Storage Inc.