As you probably are aware of, life can take some crazy turns. There are a million different things that could take place and you’ll need to be flexible enough to adapt to those things. For example, imagine your significant other gets a job offer in another state. You’ll need to pack everything up and get them out there in two weeks, but that’s much easier said than done. What should you do? Sometimes a self-storage option is the best option. In fact, for many Americans living through this interesting real estate boom full of people moving around all over the states, one of the fastest growing industries is the self-storage industry. That’s probably because your possessions have sentimental as well as calculable monetary value, and you can’t and shouldn’t just toss everything out before you make that big move.

The Popular Statistics

When we claim that self-storage has become a viable option for more people, we mean it. Worldwide, there are around 58,500 self-storage facilities in existence. In the United States alone, there are around 2.3 billion square feet of rentable self-storage space. For reference, that’s around three times the square footage of Manhattan. There’s a wide variety of these businesses and areas to store your items because it’s incredibly convenient and it’s often the smartest financial option available.

The Scenarios

If you’re in a pinch currently,it can be hard to think of self-storage as an option. As with anything, it can be wise to look at what other people did in various situations that might be similar to yours to give you an idea of how you might cleverly control the situation. Folks use storage units when they’re in between apartments, moving out of state or country, or going through a breakup. Some folks use them just for the option of having them available to them. We don’t recommend renting a storage unit for two years that you never open, unless you’re just stowing away furniture that you don’t have room for, yet have no desire to get rid of. As a storage unit, we’ve seen people use our units for the best reasons and the worst, so we’re pretty capable of helping you determine if you need one or not. Check out our analysis of a variety of reasons to invest in self-storage units or not to.

The Best Reasons for Self-Storage Units

Getting ready to move? Buying or selling a home? A self-storage unit is a smart choice for you. Most folks when they’re getting ready to pack up and move into another area can’t necessarily take all their items with them. If you’re living in a hotel for two weeks between moving into your new place and leaving the old one, you’ll need somewhere to put your couch and dining room table. This is also a great option if you’re putting your home on the market and need it to look more appealing. In most cases, your realtor will push you to have your furniture staged attractively, and that usually means removing a good portion of it. In another scenario, you might need to move for a job and have nowhere to live yet, in that case we definitely recommend renting a storage unit as it’s unlikely that your parents will be wild about the idea of keeping your things in their basement and then helping you move them long-distance to your new location.

For Business

Are you a small business owner? You’ll most likely not have a whole lot of storage space in your home for the items your small business needs to hold on to and you might not have space in your commercial location to hold onto those items. That means you need a self-storage unit. This is especially convenient with seasonal businesses like lawn care or snow removal businesses. If you’re not interested in renting a larger space for your business’s commercial location, it’ll be wiser to look into a self-storage unit instead. It could even be a good idea to keep track of your records and things in too. If you have too many papers from before going digital it might be easier to invest in some filing cabinets and self-storage unit to stow all of them away.

Preserving an Investment

Sometimes, it’s totally worth it to hold onto the items that you can’t necessarily fit in your current space. That antique armoire from the 17th century won’t fit with your industrial decor? Pack it away with the proper care and protection in a storage unit. This works for muscle cars that need to be packed away until you have the money to work on them again as well as other classic investments that you just don’t have space for at you home. Lesser used items don’t necessarily qualify as trash, sometimes they just need to be put away until you have the space for them in your home or business. That means you’ll need a storage unit.

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